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Share Holders Bonds Coupon 

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Investment for your future 

          HG Share Holder Category              Nominal value

                       22.020 units   ASShare Holders            1.000.000 £ per unit  

              202.020 units   BSShare Holders                 100.000 £ per unit     

         20.202.020 units   CSShare Holders                   10.000 £ per unit units   DSShare Holders                     1.000 £ per unit units   ESShare Holders                         100 £ per unit units   FSShare Holders                           10 £ per unit units   GSShare Holders                            1 £ per unit units   HSShare Holders                            0,10 £ per unit units   XSShare Holders                             0,01 £ per unit  

Total Share Holders Only  unit


             Stocks Percentage Share Rate                               Target capital

%25   ASShare Holders                            £ 

%20   BSShare Holders                             £ 

%15   CSShare Holders                           £ 

%10   DSShare Holders                        £ 

%10   ESShare Holders                      £ 

%10   FSShare Holders                        £ 

%  5   GSShare Holders                           £ 

% 2,5 HSShare Holders                             £ 

% 2,5 XSShare Holders                            £ 

Total Shareholders Target Asset Capital Nominal Value    

24.710.908.864.422 £

Start Date 16.10.2020 

This resource shows 


Company Stock Target Shares and Target Capital 

In the statements given, it is seen that HANE GLOBAL UK LIMITED Company has different types of disclosures and 

the percentage payout ratios of these disclosures. 

Owners of ASShare Owners share 25%, BSShare Owners 20%, CSShare Owners 15%, DSShare Owners 10%, and similarly other shareholders

In addition, the unit prices of this stock are also stated 

Payout rates of total stock holding and target capital are also specified

For example, ASShare Owners have a total of 22,020 reviews and each person is worth £1,000,000. The share of this share training is 25% and the target capital is £22,020,000,000 and the target capital using the total stock is £24,710,908,864,422

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Hane Global UK Limited Hundred Billion GBP XDSShareHolder bonds issuance

In collaboration with Hane Finance, Hane Global 10-Year Equal Annual Payments Dividend Bond (XDSShareHolder100BGBP20231106)

Total Bond Amount: GBP 100,000,000,000

Issuance Start Date: November 6, 2023

Value of One Bond (XDSShareHolder): GBP 1,000,000

(Total amount divided into 100,000 pieces)

Maturity Period: 10 Years

Profit Distribution Frequency: Twice a Year (Equal Payment)

First Distribution Date: 1 Year and 1 Day After the Requestor's Delivery Date

Dividend Distribution: 5% + 5% after six months

Annual Dividend Rate: 10% of the net profit of a given year

Bond Structure Overview:

Investors in this bond will receive two equal dividends annually, based on a percentage of the net profit:

Each year, investors will receive a dividend of GBP 50,000 + GBP 50,000, representing 5% + 5% of the annual net profit.

Dividend payments commence one year and one day after the bond issuance and continue for 10 years.

The contract period concludes 10 years and one day from the bond purchase date.


Project Partnerships, NFT, Coin, Token, Token and so on. 

Bonds for sales coupons,

Gold, etc. precious mines, land, buildings and so on. 

Real-Estates, automotive vehicles and cars, ships, aircraft and so on. pieces ,

Stocks, physical money, digital money, crypto currency and so on. 

All kinds of assets can be assets. 

Evaluation or approval of the asset should be approved by the management of the Hane Global UK Limited company and reserves the right to change. 

If the household is kept by the HaneGlobal, the effective date is considered valid after the announcement.

1 unit XSShare Holders     for sale £10 


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 52 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £52 Pay  £52 with  Card 

 53 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £53 Pay  £53  with  Card 

 61 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £61 Pay  £61  with  Card 

100 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £100 Pay  £100  with  Card 

200 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £200  Pay  £200  with  Card 

152 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £152 Pay  £152  with  Card 

500 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £500 Pay  £500  with  Card 

1.000 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £1.000  Pay  £1.000  with  Card 

2000 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £2.000  Pay  £2.000  with  Card 

3.000 unit XSShare Holders     for sale £3.000  Pay  £5.000  with  Card 

5.000 unit XSShare Holders     for sale  £5.000  Pay  £5.000  with  Card 

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