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Aircraft & Helicopters

Brokerage Services,


Sales &  Parts & Leasing 

 We specialize in providing the highest quality aviation services to meet all your needs.

Whether you want to buy an airplane or buy parts,  hire someone for your business,  or charter a private jet for a luxury travel experience,  

we can help.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your experience with us is excellent. 

To learn more about our services, 

Contact our team and find out how we can help you.


HANE GLOBAL Consortium: 

Building for the Future, 

Renovating the Past

HANE GLOBAL, along with its consortium partners, including GROUNDFORM LONDON LTD, 

Company number 15027488, 


Company number 13505157, and 

LUTA LTD, Company number 15153254, 

specializes in constructing buildings while revitalizing old structures. Together, we create secure living spaces and offer consultancy services guiding you toward safe living environments for the future.

Our mission is to craft safe living spaces tailored to your needs, providing expert advice for a secure future. From pioneering building projects to restoring heritage buildings, our consortium is dedicated to constructing enduring spaces.

Our Services:

Construction of modern buildings

Renovation and restoration of historic structures

Consultancy services for secure living spaces

Join us in shaping a secure future by creating bespoke living spaces that match your requirements.

Electric Bus


Meet the Buses of the Future!

Hane Global stands out as a leading company that takes pride in taking innovative steps in the bus industry. Equipped with comfort, safety and environmental awareness, our buses offer solutions to the transportation needs of the future.

Our wide product range includes petrol, diesel or electric options 

as well as left and right steering options. 

We make a difference by offering a variety suitable for customer needs.

Hane Global offers leading solutions in the sector with its solid infrastructure and experienced team. 

By striving for reliability and excellence, we enable our customers to step into the future with confidence.

Hane Global is with you to meet the buses of the future and to experience quality travel!

Turkey's largest filament producer 

with 12 types of filaments, 

34 different color choices

and a monthly capacity of 15 tons

Hane Global










For the special financing needs of governments, public institutions, companies or individuals, 

we always work with our professional financial management team and institutions to strengthen the world economy and for people to live in a more peaceful and prosperous way


Oil / Petroleum

We are physical traders; 

We buy, transport, store, blend and deliver oil internationally.

Crude oil , Gasoline and Naphtha , Gasoil and Jet , 

Fuel Oil ,  Bitumen , LNG ,  LPG ,  Additional Products 

Security & Defence Technologies

Hane Global & Dogan Erdogan ; 

OIS is the marketing and sales officer of Security and Defense Technologies products all over the world.

It has a wide range of products in the security, defense, communication, transportation, maritime, oil, gas and energy sectors.

It is your solution partner in many application areas such as traffic control, city surveillance, state security applications, public and private facilities, prisons, stadiums, border control, portable solar system for agricultural lands and electric vehicle stations.

It sells efficient and environmentally friendly products that can operate in all weather and terrain conditions.

Camera Accessories

Camera Masts

Electronic Health Products

Exproof Housing

Field And Mobese Cabins

Lighting Systems

Night Vision Systems

IR Housing

Solar Systems

Special Projects Production


Quality and 

Reliable Shipbuilding and Sales

Ships have an important role in the maritime industry and are becoming more and more innovative with the ever-developing technology. 

At this point, as a brokerage company specializing in shipbuilding and sales, we are here to meet the needs of the industry and provide the best service to our customers. Our company offers a wide portfolio of ships and offers solutions suitable for different needs. We can custom design and manufacture cruise ships, freighters, tankers, workboats and many more. We are also specialized in the sale of second-hand ships.  

 Our experienced team is always on hand to help you find the ship that best suits your needs and budget.


Carry Your Loads With Us, 

Let's Offer Fast and 

Reliable Solutions!

Hane Global Shipping Brokerage, Consultancy:

Fast & Safe Transport  at Sea, in the Air, on Land!

Hane Global  is a company that provides fast transportation service at sea, air and land. 

We are here to make your work easier and use your time efficiently.

Providing a wide range of services from marine transport to air cargo service, land transportation to international logistics, provides the fastest and safe transportation solutions. 

By keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront, we help you handle your work smoothly.

Hane Global , we follow technological innovations and constantly improve ourselves. 

You can report your needs online, get bids and follow them. 

Having the best fast transportation solutions for you, 

The Hane Global  is global, reliability, timely delivery and reasonable price policy stands out.

In order to meet your fast transportation needs at sea, in the air, on land, 

We are at your service as a Hane Global . 

For more information, you can contact our team.

Spare parts

ISO 9001:2015



Connection equipments

Claw and Clawless Helicoil Springs

High strength inserts are made of 

1.4305/AISI303 stainless steel. It has been passivated according to EN 2516 / AMS 2700 standards.


The Blue Journey Awaiting for You

We provide you with all kinds of support for your needs, including yacht charter, manufacturing, 

sales and service for both businesses and individuals.


More than Staff

Yacht Service


More than Countries


More than Satisfied Customers


More than Products

Our Company HANE , which has a clear and transparent business approach;

It provides our customers not only an investment, but also a peaceful future.

We offer our customers to live with an affordable combination of income,

accessible investment and an ideal future.

We are constantly developing our company by following the innovations in the new world order and adhering to the core values we have had since our first days.

The main reason for our long-term existence and success is trust.

The revenue sharing services we provide in our investment improvements are the priority of trust, transparency, confidentiality and quality in special cases.

While we strive for the satisfaction of our customers, partners and colleagues, we work to look to the future with confidence.

There are no salaried employees in our company, and our Hane company continues to grow with all our colleagues and stakeholders in an effort to exist in every country, every region and even every neighborhood of the world.

Please contact our team for unity and 

various investment options with our customers.

Better still, get in touch,   Let's discuss in detail! 


UK Company House Number : 12778466

Registered office address :

Flat 2 Austin House, 

17 Wellington Passage, Wanstead, 

United Kingdom, E11 2FD