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Meet the Buses of the Future!

Hane Global stands out as a leading company that takes pride in taking innovative steps in the bus industry. Equipped with comfort, safety and environmental awareness, our buses offer solutions to the transportation needs of the future.

Turkey's largest filament producer 

with 12 types of filaments, 

34 different color choices

and a monthly capacity of 15 tons

Hane Global









It is your solution partner in many application areas such as traffic control, city surveillance, state security applications, public and private facilities, prisons, stadiums, border control, portable solar system for agricultural lands and electric vehicle stations.

It sells efficient and environmentally friendly products that can operate in all weather and terrain conditions.

Security & Defence Technologies

Hane Global & Dogan Erdogan ; 

OIS is the marketing and sales officer of Security and Defense Technologies products all over the world.

It has a wide range of products in the security, defense, communication, transportation, maritime, oil, gas and energy sectors.

Camera Accessories

Camera Masts

Electronic Health Products

Exproof Housing

Field And Mobese Cabins

Lighting Systems

Night Vision Systems

IR Housing

Solar Systems

Special Projects Production


FOR SALE Real-Estate | UK | LONDON |   

Project lands for sale; construction permit ready,detached plots and houses, renovated apartment, homes

Zone1 | Detached House

Sale price:  £1.500.000 GBP

Sale price:  £900.000 GBP

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UK Company Number : 12778466

Registered office address :

Flat 2 Austin House, 

17 Wellington Passage, Wanstead, 

United Kingdom, E11 2FD