Clou is a Technology company.In focus

AI Artificial Intelligence Technologies 

Blockchain Systems

Digital Global Banking 

Global Payment Gateway

HBBTV, Broadcast , Publication, SmartTV

Media Rental and Sales, Copyright, 

Advertising, Shopping, Rating and Analysis of Technology.

We offer solutions for technology information

Our platforms - - - -

Television companies are designed to work on HBBTV, Smart TV, 

Mobile and web, and we continue our work on artificial intelligence, 

artificial intelligence solutions and management.

Media , Broadcast and Publishing Technologies

Digital card ,  Escrow Account , Cryptocurrency and foreign exchange - NFT, E-Money Payment Gateway Systems, Cryptocurrency and E-money, Payment System , Wallet 

Clou Magic

It is a new generation infrastructure that enables the production and distribution of live or vod content on devices with HBB feature.

Mobile TV and Web TV under the roof of the Cross Platform worldwide, located in the new generation of new generation Smart TVs and households, which are delivered to end users +10M smart satellite receiver models are available in harmony with HBB.