For Sale Bonds  XSShareHolders  or  XTShaereHolders HANE GLOBAL UK 

To become a member, you must have at least 1 HGSHAHOLDER and 

1 member category

People who have completed their +18 eighteen years of age and 

registered in any country of the world can be members

Parents can record records for people under the age of eighteen

There are 9 kinds of membership categories 

Yearly Membership Fee £ Pound Pay with        Wise                ETH Open Sea                            PayPal

XS+ & XT+ Membership

- Our company has completed the age of +18 to the membership program and

Persons registered to the population of a worldwide country can be members.

- XS+ &XT+ members are suitable for the owner of the Hane Global UK Limited


- Total number of shares of Hane Global UK Limited as of 01.03.2021

XSHAREHOLDERS is limited to pieces,

One XSShareHolders is available for sale in the international market for £1.

Target capital £2,020,202,020 GBP

Updated on 06.11.2023

It has been decided that the coupons that were offered for sale in the past will continue to be sold within the scope of the campaign and will continue to be sold in the international market by updating the sales price as of 06112023 and paying the new price of £ 10 for  One XSShareHolders or One XTShareHolders Ownership.


Project Partnerships, NFT, Coin, Token, Token and so on. 

Bonds for sales coupons,

Gold, etc. precious mines, land, buildings and so on. 

Real-Estates, automotive vehicles and cars, ships, aircraft and so on. pieces ,

Stocks, physical money, digital money, crypto currency and so on. 

All kinds of assets can be assets. 

Evaluation or approval of the asset should be approved by the management of the Hane Global UK Limited company and reserves the right to change. 

If the household is kept by the HaneGlobal, the effective date is considered valid after the announcement.

  CV reading fee paid

  £ 108 (hundred eight pounds (GBP)

Hane Global X+ ( XS or XT )subscription new member registration:

 Updated on 15.11.2023 New Price 5000 £ (five thousand pounds (GBP)


Price Content:


  1 x NFT A COPER TOKKEN | Coins | Golden Warehouse | Hane Bank |

  1 x NFT A Gold Token Coin Ankara NFT Asset HBXT1

  Business Consultancy Fee 1 Hour


HANE FiNANCE subscription new member registration:

5000 £ (five thousand pounds (GBP)

- Our company can provide additional income to the person who records the resume by creating a job opportunity and task that can provide additional income in line with the branch of the person or other business options.

- The person who requests X+subscription registration is XS+ or XT+ member, after paying (x+subscription), 1 XSSHARE or  1 XTSHARE owner gets the right to property.

- Following the adoption of the branch or business line he has selected in his resume he has sent to our company, he / she of shares shall receive shares. 

In all other revenues of the company, they have shares according to the number of XSShare or XTShare owners.

- In order to provide safe and continuous income for the needs of the developing new world order, the management of our company will add a stone to the foundations formed by establishing partnerships with self -confident teammates. 

They aim to increase their earnings on the growth server. 

We are pleased to work with teammates who aim to grow together.

- Detailed information will be provided after the confidentiality and employment contract to be signed between our company and the applicant.

- For your questions, opinions and suggestions or 

TR +90 312 284 7 888

(10:00 - 18:00)  You can contact

Thank you for your attention,

We wish you healthy days,

Best regards

Hane Global Team

CV and Partnership Acceptance Affiliate Program

CV reading fee

  £ 108 (hundred eight pounds (GBP)

XT+ CV Kayıt  ücreti

   £ 108


In case of confirmation of XT+ CV Registration

New member registration fee

X+subscription new member registration:

5000 £ (five thousand pounds (GBP) 

 £ 5000

Download   HANE GLOBAL UK LIMITED New Customer information Form 2024 W .docx

- Send it to our e-mail address 

-With your transfer payment documents 

(screenshot, receipt, or similar document that you made the payment)

- Country ID card or passport picture of your registered country

- Face photo taken with ID

- Contact address

- Add your contact GSM number 

- XSShareHolder description to the Subject

- Send it to our e-mail address.

We must check

Money has arrived in our account 


Bank account | Wallet information

Project Partnerships Bonds for Sale Shareholders


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Share Holders Bonds Coupon 

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